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1) sonicbattle5vm.gif
It all begins with this...
Sonic Adventure 2 makes its way to the GBA with the first Sonic v. Shadow cutscene.
2) svbattlepressstart3ij.png
I'm gonna win, you know I am.
Sonic Vegemite Battle, huh? I'm up for that :P
3) greenhillzone3dn.png
Haven't Sega remixed Green Hill enough?
It's Green Hill! Not that that's appeared on the Advance yet!
(Oh Matt, you poor, sad, naive fool... -2019 Matt)
4) s3gg9lb.png
Complete with new HUD...
Wow. Sonic 3 MegaDrive/Genesis, recreated for Master System. Impressive.
5) sparlkyhillcocunutskor4vk.png
4 things in this tech hoax. AND THEY ARE... 1. Score is behind palm tree.
2. A coconut is upside-down.
3. One of the hills in the background is backwards.
4. The sparkle pattern on the water in the background is wrong.

Stop highlighting.
6) mattgame2wp.png
Yeah, collect that Vegemite.
Me again, I'm afraid :P Looks like I'm in Oil Ocean GBA...
7) undergroundzone5vz.png
Another on the List Of Remixes I'd Like to Hear.
It's Underground Zone... 16-bit! Sparkly!
8) titlescreen8ro.png
Remind me to make a title theme for this.
It's Sonic Vegemite Battle 2: The Quest For A Sequel!
9) westopolis4ms.png
Which is totally unlike 'Blow out all the torches' in Heroes. REVOLUTIONARY!
The sad part is, a portable port will probably happen.
(That, at least, we were spared. -2019 Matt)
10) skysanctuaryact31uy.png
GAH *eyes wide*
Damn you and your artistic talent! (filename speaks for the hoax)

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