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11) pumpkinhill7rv.png
...still GAH
More artistic talent! Oh well, I ain't gonna let it get to me, I'm just gonna creep...
12) hiddenpalacebeta0qt.png
Quick Time? (filename) Oh, and still GAH
Still with this talent thing. This is S2B Hidden Palace.
13) skyscraperzone3jt.png
Route 99?
This is another entry in the SVMB New Zone contest. Which Zone is this? It's Skyscraper Zone! It's also the winner!
14) greenhillfinishedbl9.png
This is probably the coolest Advance translation I've ever seen. That is all.
15) sonic3title7ns.png
Nice use of what I assume is an in-between.
Sonic 3 GBA. Copyright 1994 AND 2007. Nice attention to detail.

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