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1) Sonic-bb.gif
Lock-On Rainbow Islands with S&K?
Sonic and Bob look surprised to see each other... Tails isn't nearly so shocked. (Also famous as the image we've used before for our 404 screen - 2019 Matt)
2) Son2hoax.gif
Hey, isn't that us up there... ?
A possible Sonic 2 ending screen? (I believe my idea here was that Sonic and Tails would run back through Emerald Hill la the end of Sonic 1, and at the end the background would fade to this - 2019 Matt)
3) estelplane1.gif
Well... he had to get a hoax someday...
Estel finally gets his own hoax. Not bad for a sprite with only one known frame of animation. (Yep, the first-ever Estel hoax. Props to lazy Past Matt for picking a cutscene so he didn't have to edit the lives icon - 2019 Matt)
4) srgg.gif
But can you feel the sunshine?
It's Sonic R! On Game Gear! Isn't it?
5) srgg1.gif
And who can tell which game these sprites are from?
And a title screen for the above...
6) srggscan.gif
Now, who wants to draw me some front cover artwork?
Click here for full-size image

And even a boxcover! Is there no end? (I'm actually still proud of these. - 2019 Matt)
7) ggtech1.gif
Possibly the most obscure tech hoax ever.
Now this one is hard. Highlight for the answer: See the ring meter up in the corner? Notice how that ring looks a little bit different? In the game, for some reason the first ring in that line of three looks like that ring, not like the other rings. Heh. You didn't guess that one, I'm betting. (You see? This was a tech hoax that ACTUALLY REQUIRED GAME KNOWLEDGE, and wasn't "the pixel at (205,163) is #000008 more blue than normal!" - 2019 Matt)
8) sonicad1.gif
Tikal's just as subtle in her hints on MD!
So I'm about the 28th person to hoax Sonic Adventure on Megadrive, at least this is Mystic Ruin, which hasn't been done yet. (Hadn't, at any rate. Infact, did Mystic Ruin get into the Generations handheld version? No? Then still hasn't. - 2019 Matt)
9) sonicad2.gif
You think you can keep up with ME?
More Sonic Adventure, this time Tails takes on Speed Highway.
10) oldcl.gif
This man has the world's most limited wardrobe.
As you know, Robotnik in Sonic Pocket Adventure wears his Sonic Adventure clothes... but not anymore...

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