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11) um_sonic.gif
Well, he can't remember _every_ little thing...
Uh, Sonic... (See, this is a "dialogue" cutscene hoax done right, in that it matches the actual dialogue style of the game it's from, i.e. none - 2019 Matt)
12) youaskedforit.gif
Hmm. Sonic 3 & Kirby? Same initials.
All you people so desperate for Sonic to be in Super Smash Bros. Melee... look upon this S3&K crossover, and behold what you might unleash upon the world... (I totally called this years early. Where are my royalties, Mr. Sakurai? - 2019 Matt)
13) xtreme2600.png
So, what would Sonic Xtreme look like on the Atari 2600? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!
14) anext01.png
I know. I'm hoaxing.
Yes, SL's A> Caption Contest prompts even me to rise from the grave and hoax a bit. I think this is the obvious caption here.
15) anext02.png
Duh. Froggy?
(A> Caption Contest) Get it Tails has become big, as in, BIG hahahahahahah*maimed*
16) NOT_tails_is_bored_11.png
I even kept the filename system! Kinda.
(A> Caption Contest) Now if anyone is asked to make a WTGB reference, surely the guy who invented WTGB is the person to call, right?

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