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1) Contra3TheRobotnikWars.png
I'm... not seeing much Robotnik.
Yeah, the filename gave this away. This is Sonic in Contra 3, and doesn't he look thrilled to be there?
2) 2playerContra3.png
Tails in a Tank! Haha. That's alliterative. Kinda.
Part 2 now, as Sonic is joined by Tails. Fittingly enough for part 2.
3) AlaskaCapZone.png
I thought Canada was the cap, not Alaska!
It's Alaska Cap Zone, one of many, many Pulseman-Sonic crossovers from OmniRabbit. If you've not played Pulseman there's something wrong with you.
4) alisiadragoonbadnikfi7.png
...Oh dear. He wasn't quite expecting that.
Apparently that dumb-looking pink dinosaur is out of place here and this is much more menacing. I dunno, I think the old one kinda went with the goofy muted trumpet...
5) ashuraattempt28vy.png
Ashura... theeee.. glkewrowiehfwkske
This hoax apparently makes more sense in conjunction with another one that OmniRabbit submitted. See, he resubmitted his files alphabetically, not chronologically. Makes it easier.
6) BackToTheFuturePart1-1.png
I'm not seeing any Pines. Or a Mall.
If you didn't spot this reference then you are a very bad person. It is, of course, Back to the Future, complete with 88 rings!
7) BackToTheFuturePart2-1.png
Hmm. This is going to be a very short movie.
Oh... Oh dear. Not really the place you want to be leaving trails of fire. This can't end well at all.
8) BackToTheFuturePart3-1.png
And probably no sequels either.
...Yeah, not well at all. 1.21 gigawatts ain't gonna get you out of that.
(And then, of course, Sonic Mania actually went and did this. - 2019 Matt)
9) BackToTheFutureSekritpart4.png
Dun dun DUNNNNN.....
It Is The Epilogue. Mayhaps This Was Robotnik's Plan All Along. Twist Ending.
Seriously, Kirby was a freakin' octagon in the first game.
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Y'know, Bark almost fits in with those Smash Brothers 64 challenger screens. He might have slightly more pixels :P

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