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131) UndergroundHillZone-1.png
If that boss is there too I shall be maiming someone.
OmniRabbit sullies Master System Green Hill by giving it the background of that in-no-way-suitable first level from Sonic 2, Underground Zone.
132) WarlockJUE_000.png
There's a house in the game too. I'm contributing.
Apparently there was a game for the Mega Drive called Warlock? Anyone remember it? No? Well Sonic's in it now.
133) WearelivefromSt-1.png
Why do I only think of the Tetris music?
I should point out that the Kremlin is in Moscow (filename) But wherever it is, Sonic's climbing it. Let's cross to our roving reporter on the scene.
(And I should point out, past Matt, that this is St. Basil's Cathedral, not the Kremlin. - 2019 Matt)
134) wechnia2rj.png
I should point out that Wechnia always was and still is a stupid name.
Wechnia. A glitchchidna indeed. And now he gets his own title card!
135) whensonicgetscrossovered1ry.png
...Wait, how is he breathing again?
See, this is not fair. The Star Fox team have spaceships and such. Sonic's just floating there.
136) whensonicgetsscrewed15zl.png
If only Sonic could move in three dimensions...
OK. Clearly OmniRabbit just needs to actually become a mad scientist and get it over with :P
137) youfailatgamescp8.png
Last Blackbird hoax of the first reupload!
Wow. Really? You got killed by that freaking Motobug? To quote Billy West aka Murfee from Rayman 3: "What's the matter, haven't you ever played a videogame before?"

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