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Secretly it's full of death-cannons.
Filename explains it all XD
12) Betterbackground.png
It's, like, wavy, and stuff. I'm on fire today.
I think I'll go to OmniRabbit on this one: "Lava Reef Zone with a better background. I'm not sure where the better background comes from, I can't really remember, but I'm assured that it's better than the real one by the filename." Indeed.
13) Betterbuildings.png
Blackbird reckons this background might be from Star Fox.
It did seem odd that such a big Chemical Plant was so close to a major populated area.
14) bombersonic2bz.png
Did I mention that this series has insanely earwormy music?
Sonic is bombing, man. Hahaha. Laugh at the Bomberman (on Neo Geo Pocket Colour, no less) related joke.
15) BURNING-4.png
A burning ring of fire.
Hey yeah, how is it that Sonic can survive a fall through the atmosphere and an exploding space station, anyway?
You get it, 'cos, like, Buzzbomber the *badnik* and... yeah.
Buzzbombers in Buzz-Bombers! Which is an Intellevision game, says OmniRabbit. The font's certainly right for Intellevision.
17) canyoufeelthesunsetwy7.png
Does it brighten up your, er... dusk? (filename)
This is what happens when Sky Chase goes on for just a liiittle too long. Sunset Chase Zone. Pretty.
18) carnivalnightzoneorcircuspu1.png
Watch! Knuxo, the Amazing Balloon-Bouncing Echidna!
Anyone remember Aero the Acro-Bat? As the horrible pun implies, he was a circus acrobat. Well here's Carnival Night Zone taking place inside that very circus!
19) casinoofdoomydeathms4.png
Well, I guess the Death Egg does need an entertainment center...
Wow, this travelling casino just keeps going to weirder and weirder places. Casino of Doom anyone?
20) chaoespaol7xp.png
I'd say 'ay, ay, ay!' here but Blackbird would likely kill me.
Clever. Spanish Chao, complete with the reversed punctuation that they use for... whatever reason.

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