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1) Oh God Sonic!.png
And clearly there was no expense spared on the title screen :P
Yes, there was a game with a title like this. It was called "Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt!" Yes, "Awesome Possum". Yes, "Dr. Machino." I'm scared too.
2) SonicWars.png
Even changed the life icon and font...
Y'know what? I'm lazy so I'm going to RK3K on this: "Sonic the Hedgehog in the first level of Return of the Jedi. Collect rings without falling!"
3) SonicWars2.png
Super Sonic wheee!
Sonic continues his trip to a galaxy far, far away. I guess that makes this long, long Past, right?
4) Spinball Quest v2.png
Now there's an odd crossover. Spinball with Space Quest. I was always a LucasArts kid myself.
5) sonicstrikekc0.png
'Hey, when did Sandopolis get all these roads?'
Tails pilots the Tornado into Desert Strike. I guess the Primary Mission is on Robotnik's base?
6) Rhea Brain Zone.png
That so sounds like an insult. 'Hey, rhea-brain!'
What, might you ask, is this? It's Rhea Brain Zone, and it's what happens when you mash up Sonic and Top Gear 3000. Future android version of Jeremy Clarkson not included.
(Oops. That reference in my post didn't age well... - 2019 Matt)
7) Oil Pollution Zone.png
An environmental message for us all.
Then Sonic 2 gets in on the same act, creating Oil Pollution Zone.
8) Futuristic City Zone.png
Are those UFOs, by the way?
Sonic 3 does the same thing. Futuristic City Zone. I love these captions that are easy to write XD
9) toxicrevenger8kt.png
Places to go, people to see, Death Eggs to destroy...
The Toxiiiiic Reeeevengeeeeer!!! is is Doomsday Zone. It's a Tiny Toons reference. Although he was actually mind-controlled and a boss fight in that game.
10) Sonik Krew.png
Oh goody. A K in place of a C. This must be good.
RK3K does like the obscure ones, huh. Anyone remember Skeleton Krew? No? Well it shared the same 2.5D viewpoint as Sonic 3D, so here is your requisite crossover!

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