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Boom and bust
So, apparently a cartoon tie-in game by an unheralded third-party developer turned out to have a solid-yet-unremarkable portable version and a terrible rushed-to-meet-the-cartoon-launch-date console version. Who'd've thunk it? And yet, apparently, for some people this is coming as some sort of a shock, in what I can only describe as some sort of temporary amnesia where people forget how the video game industry has worked since the Eighties. "Not the licensed platformer!", they cry. "How could that possibly have turned out badly?" Maybe it's a holdover from those naive days when Sammy took over Sega, when people inexplicably thought that Sammy would promptly fire Sonic Team and get third-party devs in to "do it properly". Of course, what we got was Sonic '06. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I am right and have always been right, about all things, ever. Especially the things I'm wrong about. Joking aside, though, I really cannot fathom how people couldn't see this coming. It's a shame Sega-Sammy's finances are so bad, because this now puts a serious dampener on Sonic Lost World 2...

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