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Nintendo vs. Cap--- er, vs. Everyone!
So I'm sure you were all watching that (he says, implying his readership is in the plural).

Um, wow. Even with the Ryu/Roy leak, that had some surprises. Like the rival series game costumes. OK sure they're only costumes, but you realise it's now possible to have a Ryu vs. Heihachi vs. Akira matchup. OK so the first two were already possible on Street Fighter vs. Tekken, as admittedly were Mega Man and Pacman, but now all this is tied in to both the Virtua Fighter and Smash Bros rosters too. Now, SEGA and Capcom, your next step is to work the Smash Bros universe into another Project X Zone.

But anyway.

Ryu's moveset, huh? Multiple moves for each button mapped to a C-Stick style tap vs. hold mechanism. Stronger B specials activated by inputting their original SFII button combo. Two Final Smashes. People are going to get scary good as this character, I can see Ryu players exploiting the subtle differences between the Smash-moveset and SF2-moveset strengths of the move. Gonna be a bitch to play against.

His stage also looks awesome.

Also impressive, speaking of stages, was the Miiverse stage with character-specific Miiverse posts showing up as you play. I'm sure this will not be abused at all.

This is impressive stuff.

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