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Sonic Redesign?
You may well have heard of this redesign of Sonic by an Aussie indie game developer. First, a few observations about the new moveset. What purpose does it serve to make Sonic not spin-jump by default? One assumes it's to further the whole "vulnerability" thing, but it makes little sense to have to press a button twice to make the most basic attack. Also, this inventory system - I appreciate the market for puzzle based platforming, but who plays Sonic to pause and look at an inventory screen? No. I'd be more on board with something like a cross between the shields in Sonic 3 and Sonic Generations, where you have to find the shields but you can keep one back and use it at any time with a different button. Now, on to the whole cosmetic redesign thing. I don't like it, and this is coming from the person who defended the Sonic Adventure redesign. As for the personality, I think he makes some valid points - Sonic fans are adults now and we don't need desperate attempts at GRR GUNS AND ANGST AND DARKNESS GRITTY REBOOT GRR, that was the wrong way to adapt the franchise to its continuing fanbase. But this redesign goes too far the other way, ditching the established personality radically in favour of this "cautious, vulnerable" reboot. The word "cautious" is a bad word to use about a Sonic game. Cautiously inching forward is what we don't like doing in a Sonic game, and it literally doesn't make any sense for Sonic to behave ever-so-cautiously in idle animation and then blaze forward at top speed. It's OK to look to indie platformers for ideas, I mean hell, SEGA have looked practically everywhere else at this point, but as much as I enjoyed the experiences of things like Limbo and Braid, this is not what I'm looking for in a Sonic title. So, where to? Lost World showed promise but had problems. In terms of design and personality, I'm going to make a bold call and say Lost World essentially got it right. Sonic was still cocky and impulsive, right up to the point where it appears to have cost him everything. Eggman brought some dramatic flair, and Sonic convincingly despaired at the result, without it becoming the angst-drenched misery session that SA2, Sonic '06 or Shadow might have made of it. In graphic design, Lost World was the closest we've come yet to the classic Sonic aesthetic in 3D. However Lost World of course did get a lot of things wrong, and chief among these was the combination of an instadeath twitch platforming style with limited lives. That's never a fun combination! The redesign video proposes ditching the lives system and tying the rings into an inventory system, but I've already addressed that. What I'd like to see is, well, basically, the Generations 3D level design on the Lost World graphic and sound design. Not another complete redesign

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