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In which I accompany a rabbit into "edginess"
So I've once again been reminded how truly awful I am at controlling Jet Set Radio.
I am reminded of this due to having got it for free just recently via Make War Not Love. Also coming along for the ride is the agreeably-fourth-wall-breaking Hell Yeah: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, which as far as I can tell appears to be Metroidvania as written by... well, not directly by a fourteen-year-old with ADD, it's slightly too knowing for that. Let's just say then that it's written by a full-grown adult who sat down to a solid week of Super Meat Boy, chased it up with some Conker's Bad Fur Day, and then channeled their inner fourteen-year-old with ADD.

Case in point: Your HP is referred to as "Bloood!" (yes, their spelling. Yes, with three "o"s.Yes, with the exclamation mark.) You play as a dead-rabbit-demon Prince of Hell out to murder 100 hellish monsters in order to track down the paparazzo* who took a photo of you playing with a rubber ducky in the bath. The low health warning starts with "F" and runs for three more letters. It's... that kind of game.

And yet, for all it's twitchy controls , strange firing mechanics, and unwanted walljumps, there are some genuinely interesting ideas in it. When you defeat a monster, you trigger a minigame to deliver the finishing blow: if you fail, you get hit by the monster and he recovers a little health. Defeated monsters are sent to an island prison where they work to earn you HP and items. The game will autosave after a health restore point.

Oh, and the first enemy is literally a blue Puyo.

So I dunno. It's cool but it's frustrating. Very frustrating. It's worth a look if you're into that sort of, ahem, "attitude".

But anyway. Yes. JSR is still cool, too, although for pity's sake i MADE THAT RAIL YOU GODSDAMN FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Also, I have been reminded (yes, there are other people that remember that SV exists!) that perhaps a messageboard isn't the most modern way of arranging a community. Not that I'm getting rid of it, poor thing, but alternatives are being considered...

* This is the proper singular of "paparazzi". Seriously. Look it up.

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