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Back to the Future
Yeah, I know, that's the 30-year title, not the 25-year title. Still. I think it's appropriate this time out.

Look at what we're getting. We are getting Taxman and Stealth doing the official fangame that Sonic 4 should have been. We are getting a new game by the Colours and Generations devs, who we know can put together awesome 3D Sonic games, which is a no-really-we-swear-this-is-not-Generations 2, with both Modern and Classic Sonic. We are getting people who are good at Sonic making games that look good. We are not getting "let's start all over again with a new engine and take three games to work out what does or does not work". I hope. Please don't start Project Sonic over again with a brand new playstyle, SOnic Team, Generations was fine.

If you are still bitching about what you want in a Sonic title at this point then I literally do not know how to help you anymore. Unless, of course, you are upset that we're not getting more of the edginess of the Shadow the Hedgehog era, in which case.... get out. No really, just get out. Don't drag us back there. Don't do it.

Now, as I said on the SV Discord, the critical thing is that they find the guy who keeps saying "what game are all the cool kids playing, let's steal a mechanic from that", and beat him with rusty blunt implements. About the head and neck. Repeatedly. Because if there is another STEALTH SEGMENT in my SONIC GAME I swear I am going to throw things.

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