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Team Sonic Racing: Reviewed!
Team Sonic Racing is a difficult thing to pin down. At one moment, I find it hilarious, at the next joyful, then it's frustrating. And while most of those frustrations are probably my own unco-ordinated fault; others are decidedly not.

Y'see, Team Sonic Racing is still clearly what might politely be termed "a work in progress". To put it bluntly, it's buggy. And the chief culprit is multiplayer. I'd like to tell you about the multiplayer, but outside of quick play casual, I've not been able to finish a single race. They all, every one of them, have ended in a network error. Now I know my dodgy AUstralian internet probably doesn't help, but really it's not too much to ask for a game to be able to finish any online race at all. It's a real shame because I'd like to show off my customisation, ahem, "skillz" such as the snazzy SV livery back in the title image.

Which leads me to customisation and, not to put too fine a point on it, it's great. You can use points earned in race to earn car parts as well as decals and colour schemes to use on any racer's car at any time. Plus, every racer's default colour schemes is available for use by every other racer, meaning absolutely you could have Zavok's monster of a vehicle all dolled up in Sonic's blue brushed metal look, or Rouge's white-and-pink, or Tails' bright yellow. Likewise you could have Sonic drive around in a car painted Froggy Green, which should officially be a colour.

The worst part about the bugs is that without them this game is very, very good. Tracks are well-designed and make good use of space, and the graphics are fantastic. Sky Road, Market Street and Boo's House in particular made me stop to take screenshots. Helping matters is that the music is amazing, there are a bunch of amazing songs in this game that really contribute to the feeling of the tracks. And while the plot is mostly a pretty thin excuse to get everyone on the track and racing one another, I have to say the dialogue and characterisation is actually really good and the voice actors do a good job. This is probably the best compromise between Knuckles' wary original personality and his gullible later self that I've seen in a modern Sonic game, and Amy is more like her snarky Boom self - her dialogue among others has made me laugh on several occasions.

Then of course there is the gameplay, and the fact that I'm only mentioning it now probably tells you what you need to know. It's the All-Stars Racing Transformed drift racing, all present and correct, retty much the same as before. The new mechanic is the team racing, and the slingshot and item exchange ideas do really help with the feeling of racing as a team and keep things from getting too easy or too difficult. Not only that, but your All-St--- uh, Ultimate move charges with team actions, so the new mechanics are not only helpful but actively encouraged. Outside of racing there's a bunch of challenges that are frustrating but ultimately learnable, and once these things click you'll find yourself doing much better than you thought possible. Traffic Attack also still exists, so, y'know, that's evidently still a thing.

So when Team Sonic Racing is good, it is very very good. I just hope the bits that are bad are addressed in patches.
And so, while we're still paid beta testers, I can't give the superlatives I want to about this game, but will instead say that

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