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Nintendo @E3 2019: Impressions!
So. The Nintendo conference kinda... picked up as it went along. No, I'm sorry, I can't be overly thrilled about Sword-Wielding JRPG Protagonist #375 in Smash. If I want Soul Calibur, I'll just buy Soul Calibur. But Banjo is the sort of character, I think, that this series was truly designed for: a character that's here for fun, with the potential to really theme his moveset around his unique talents. As far as I can tell the unique conceit about the star of Dragon Quest, a JRPG, is that... he uses menus from a JRPG. Well whoop-de-freaking-doo. Certainly couldn't've done that for, say, Cloud. ...But I digress. Speaking of things that were exactly the same, was anybody reeeeeealllly fooled by Duck Hunt Duo in Banjo's reveal? I mean, really?

But yes, so the conference did start kinda slow for me, although Dark Crystal raised an eyebrow. And I'm happy for the range of third-party titles that are coming. I'm even happy for more details on Three Houses, or at least I'm happy for the Fire Emblem fans who seem to be salivating over every detail. Good for them! But none of this, not even Contra was what really got my attention.

No, that honour had to go firstly to more Daemon X Machina details, which demo was pretty awesome and showed a lot of promise, followed by no less a remake than freaking Panzer Dragoon. You may know, my occasional reader or two, that rail shooters are one of my "things", so to say I'm thrilled that one of the greatest series of such games in history might be coming back would be somewhat of an understatement.

What did we have after that... let's see, Pokémon Sword & Shield showed off their new Inkl--- uh, fanart targ-- uh, trainer Nessa, then Astral Chain rocked up and continued to look pretty amazing. Cadence of Hyrule is a thing I didn't know I wanted until now, and Mario and Sonic Olympics was a complete lack of a surprise, but still welcome. And a few big third parties rounded up the bill.

Then. Then came five minutes of astonishment. Banjo in Smash was what we thought was the big ending, of course. But then. Then. How do we really finish? Oh, just a casual Breath of the Wild 2 reveal, nothing special, here, you can have this. If there was any doubt that the Switch is beginning to stick and not following in the footsteps of the Wii U sadly gathering dust in my gaming room, it's that right there.

Oh, also: Wrong Bowser. I... actually did kinda get a snicker out of that, just for Bowser's hurt reaction. No, not that Bowser.

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