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Hoaxes, for real this time?
A long time ago, in.. well, this galaxy really, I promised to bring back hoaxes to Sonic Vegemite. History will record that I did not. Why not?
Beyond the motivation to continue with the site at that time, I think what was really missing was a plan. Which, now, I think I have.
Namely, there's a couple of different phases in which we need to take this. Firstly, bringing back hoaxes implies that we bring back the old hoaxes that were previously on Sonic Vegemite, which is something I intend to do. I still have the hoaxes from the old site, and I intend to bring these back as a sort of archive. However, as I've said on our Discord, I don't want it to just be a "let's all laugh at what these losers did a decade ago" thing, so what we're doing is to ask on Discord for permission. This is an opt-in process, meaning that anyone who does not explicitly provide permission will not have their hoaxes put back up on the site. So that's part one of this little shindig, which leads us to part two: Bringing back hoaxing.
My plan here is this: we will set up a #hoaxes channel in Discord, opening this up on that channel for submissions and comments thereon. Then I'd take the best ones provided, and add them to a Hoaxes blog, much like this one, where I'd add my own comments on the ones I like. And, of course, if things were going slow on the Discord, I could bring up some of my favourites of the old site from time to time and comment on those. Then we could bring up some themes from time to time, it'll be fun! So, comments? Questions? Sesquipedalian loquaciousness?

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