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PAX Indie Roundup (Parte the Firste)
It is somewhat belated, but, given that I have invariably done a round up of the PAX AUS indies on Twitter, I figured I'd do it here this time. A note. I did not actually *play* all of the indie games at PAX Rising. Also, some of them may have given me free stuff. I trust that you will believe me when I say these do not have any impact on my write-ups of each game: after all, not being any kind of professional journalist, I had no specific obligation to be there, and thus was free only to approach the booths that I actually wanted to go to in the first place. Let us, then, have at it:

Moving Marvels: A cool little AR art exhibit thing. The app is an AR camera that triggers a series of AR 3D animations when presented with certain downloadable (but also presented on cards at the booth) artworks. Nifty and for zero dollars, not gonna complain. The app is out now and free.

Kana Quest: As what I will pretentiously refer to as "a student of Japanese" (read, I did some at high school and am now refreshing myself on Duolingo), this would've been a fun replacement for kana flashcards. Imagine a fun sliding puzzle game, except they're all Hiragana flashcards, and you match tiles by their sharing a consonant or vowel in their kana reading! And then all the various obstacles and accoutrements of puzzle games begin to show up to prevent you in your noble quest to link kana back with their typographical friends. Kana Quest isn't out yet, but will be coming to Steam in Q1 2020.

Henry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy: A point-and-click adventure game in the LucasArts mould, with a cool cartoonish graphical style, some fun humour, and rife with Australian accents and a Melbourne (well, future space-Melbourne) setting! What little I got to play was solid gameplay-wise and looks like it will be a fun adventure of a sort that is sorely under-represented. Also, I have it on good authority that at some point in the game, it contains a space walrus. Don't you want to know why there is a space walrus?
Henry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy is coming in 2020.

Camped Out: What if Overcooked and The Settlers had a baby? It would be this. Build your campsite, chop wood, mine stone, cook fish, remember to keep your campfire burning, and try not to drown or be impaled on spikes as you engage in the important work of ensuring that your four campers are fed and asleep before lights out. Have to admit I can't think of a more fun experience I've had while drowning to death.
Camped Out is a 4P couch co-op game that will be out in 2020.

Stay tuned for more belated takes!

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