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The Return of Trailer
So, there's been rather a lot to talk about, and I suppose I'll share my thoughts on a lot of this stuff over the coming week or so.
Let's talk about possibly the biggest thing first: the new Sonic trailer.
It's so much better.
I don't understand how. It's incalculable. While I'm not sure I believe it, I can see where the cynicism about the previous trailer - that is, the theory that it was made deliberately bad to make this trailer look better - came from, because it seems to have done literally every possible thing wrong that this trailer did right. The model, of course, is the big change, and if they really did redo this from scratch in response to the backlash from fans, then that's fantastic and also pretty unprecedented. But make no mistake, it needed doing, as anyone who ever saw that... thing... in the first trailer can testify. Honestly I don't understand whoever gave that the OK, who looked at that and said to go public with it. But I digress.

The other major change in the trailer was the tone, and it couldn't be more different. The last one looked like it was taking itself waaaaaay too seriously. (Gangster's Paradise? Really?) This one looks like a fun movie that people might want to go and see. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't fix everything wrong with the movie. It's still cringey in parts - Jim Carrey dancing as Robotnik and the "Nailed it!" call in particular had me nonplussed - but overall I see where they're taking Sonic as a character in this and he does come across as the hyperactive, headstrong little blue ball we know him as.

So yeah, all in all, delight and cautious optimism mixed with a does of realism from me. I think this looks pretty good and not like the complete trainwreck it was shaping up to be. No doubt he will Learn A Valuable Lesson by the end and his real super power of teamwork friend Tom Humansidekick will Grow As A Person, because that's what these "character comes to the real world" movies always do. Infact the trailer made it perfectly clear that the lesson is going to be about Friendship. Presumably at some point in the movie, Tom Genericman says something to Sonic along the lines of "you're not my friend!" and then, later, the "...Because he's My Friend" line carries the weight of the aforementioned spectre of Personal Growth. But overall, yeah, I laughed quite a bit in that trailer and I'm just so happy that the model is not just fixed, but Tyson Hesse fixed. So let's see whether Sonic's best life on Earth is as good as he says it is!

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