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PAX Indie Roundup (Part the Second)
As promised, here are more takes from back at PAX Aus, and as promised, they are indeed belated. Let us continue to have at it:

Nekograms: A fun little sliding puzzle game in which you perform the important work of getting cats onto comfy cushions. Gets surprisingly involved surprisingly quickly considering the minimal mechanics. Bonus points for tackling such an important social issue, but points off for disallowing the seating of cats on other cloth surfaces such as towels. I'm pretty sure cats will sit on any cloth surface at all.

Duped: I only got to play the demo of this one, but already I can see the mind-bending mechanics that will be in store. You play as a cube that can fire copies of itself into the level to cross pits and surmount obstacles. You can only have so many "live" copies of yourself at any time, but that doesn't count dead copies, so you can literally, for example, climb a wall over a pile of your own dead clones. I'm making this sound a lot more sinister than it is, aren't I? Of course, you'd rather make life difficult by keeping your original alive... wouldn't you?
Duped is out now for Nintendo Switch and Steam, and is cunningly difficult to Google.

Shooty Skies Overdrive: It's Shooty Skies, but in VR. I mean what else really needs to be said at this point? I guess an explanation of Shooty Skies if you've not played it. It's a shoot-em-up from the makers of Crossy Road, the mobile gaming industry's favourite answer to an old joke. I appear to be terrible at it, but it's a great deal of fun nevertheless.

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